“After years of saving money, months of preparing my bike and weeks of gathering equipment, I found myself with only days to spare before I embarked on the journey of a life time. If I could just take one thing from this adventure, it would be to experience life’s full potential, a fleeting glimmer of what one’s life could be like while living with the ultimate freedom. It would be a life worthwhile if that was all I had. With that, I left my job behind, packed my things, said my farewells and set off. With no finish date, no commitments and only the next country ahead, this would not be a race to the end.”

I wrote that in February 2020, only a few weeks later, not even finishing my notice period at work, the world was struck by the pandemic. I’d accounted for many potential hurdles but this one had me. Thus, the trip of a lifetime has been delayed till 2021.

Its Not A Race To The End Motorcycle Adventure Travel Film






1 VAN - 1 BIKE





Age 23 and an unlimited amount of time to see whatever there was to see. Ever since 2017 when this trip idea was first born I had been developing the path that my route would take. Realistically, having never travelled for an extensive time like this before, I did not know what sort of distance I would be able to cover on a daily basis. However, that did not bother me. I had the freedom to spend as long as I wanted wherever I wanted and that's just how I like it. I knew I wanted to explore Europe but before long I had been eyeing up the route to the East through Turkey before arriving in Georgia. At that point I could go north through Russia and work my west. Once again, I found myself extending my trip further East after I found that a lot of the Stan countries had fairly easy visa policies. I did not want to find myself at any point having to rush my trip border to border to meet paperwork deadlines where it wasn't absolutely needed.

An important factor for myself was that the trip would start from my home and, more importantly, finish with my myself and bike back at home. I would set off in spring, passing through Wales before working my way to the south coast. I would then do the following:

  • West France - Pyrenees, Northern Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Southern Spain, Southern France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Albania, Greece, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan,  Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Czechia, Germany, France and Home.



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