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Overhauling The Bikes And Backpacks Shop

The 360 Degree U-Turn

A common theme in all our lives is that things often turn out to be quite different to how we anticipated, expected and planned them. Why then, should my own expectations for 2020 be of an exception? We have all been hit by the unprecedented events of Corona Virus, It has taken the entire world by storm and brought entire nations to a standstill. My 2020 as I envisioned it was full of uncertainties, which country to ride through next? where would I be staying tonight?. However, when would I be allowed to set off.. was an uncertainty I had not anticipated.

In the early months of this year I began redesigning this website and updating it’s structure. It had to be a worthy platform to store accounts of this years travels, showcase photos and premiere videos and films. As part of this rejuvenation, I hid the Shop section, I would be away and unable to fulfill orders. Now that I am going to be around for a while longer, I took the opportunity to update the shop. I’ve treated it to a new look, exciting new products and updated background mechanics.

Open For Business

The Shop section, found on the menu above, contains high quality, rare, decals for a variety of themed and standard bikes. Going back to the beginning, I began by listing XT225 Serow decals, which after a few months, have found their way to the top of Google. Happily, this has brought in orders from Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and the USA. Just this weekend, a set of Serow stickers have been sent bound for Hawaii! (who knew they had those there!)

To continue this successful trend, I have began listing a greater range of products, of which I am adding more daily. These new products tend to follow my interests in classic rally raid, trail bikes and especially the Yamaha XT range.

Additionally, I have overhauled the options available to my customers. Products can now be ordered in a range of colours and sizes without having to contact me first. Previously, I used to offer free worldwide postage as I had not set up localisation. Fortunately for me, unfortunately for you, I am now able to add small postage charges to my international orders to cover the costs for posting my board backed letters globally. U.K orders retain free postage.

The Future

I will continue to add new products to the website on a daily basis. Eventually, I want to be able to offer my decals in numerous kit formats. These will provide all the decals necessary for a complete bike customisation such as the FZT above. As I have particular interest in the 600 XT Tenere’s, I will be looking to produce decals that replicate the standard design in addition to the custom designs I have available.

I am grateful for my customers trust, having received only positive feedback, I feel I am providing good products. In order to continue to improve, I am looking at setting up free international postage for orders above a certain amount.

All of my decals are dispatched within 24 hours to ensure a quick delivery, furthermore, I offer free postage to the U.K, international orders may be subject to a small postage fee. My decals are posted securely within board-backed envelopes. To say thank-you to my customers, I offer multi order discounts for those who wish to purchase a range of decals and sample vinyl is available along with your order upon request, please get in touch. Finally, if you have a special requirement on size, colour or design then please contact me on Facebook or at contact@bikesandbackpacks.com and I would love to discuss your requirements with you.

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