Motorcycle Adventure Books

"A reader lives a thousand lives"

The Best Adventure Travel Books

A collection of all the amazing motorcycle adventure related books that I have found myself enviously reading over the years. These books and well reknowned authors have inspired hundreds and thousands of like minded adventure motorcyclists all over the world. If you haven't read these before, now is the time!

Jupiter’s Travels – Ted Simon

What an amazing book to start this list off with! Ted Simon is one of the legendary figures in motorcycle travel, partly responsible for inspiring Ewan McGregor to take his hugely successful Long Way Round overland trip. In 1973 Ted took to the road on a 500cc Triumph, clocking up an astounding 64,000 miles over the course of 4 years! Something many of us only dream about. If you haven’t read this best-seller then you are in for a treat.

I found the flow of this book excellent, easy to read and very engrossing. Parts of his trip were hilarious while others, border lining on terrifying. Yet that is how the adventure goes. I remember one quote from the early on in the book, where he was sitting in camp surrounded by the stars above the African desert. “Just look at me. Look where I am. Isn’t this too bloody fantastic for words? It’s me here, not Lawrence of Arabia or Rudolf Valentino or Rommel and the Afrika Korps. Me, and this little machine, we made it here.” – One of many honest expressions from Ted Simon. A book of ones tales should be honest in my opinion and Ted executes this well.

Don't fancy a read?

Not everyone has time for reading a book. Yet there is no need to miss out on the adventure! Many of the authors above have produced quality motorcycle adventure travel films and documentaries. These visual delights retell their adventure tales in a concise digitalised format, perfect for an evening in front of the television. Follow the link and enjoy!