Why is travelling on a motorcycle so rewardingly addictive? Over my numerous trips and tours in the UK, Mainland Europe and Morocco I have pondered over the answer to that question. I believe that many things, some unique to motorcycling and some not, combine together to make it one of the best mode of transport for travelling.

Exposure to the weather, experiencing the elements and not hiding from them as in a car. Feeling the machine, being at one with the motorcycle through the twists and turns, over bumps and lumps. Developing a bond with your bike as you maintain and repair it throughout your trip. These things and many more all add up to making motorcycle travel an exciting, real and raw experience. Below I have listed some of my motorcycle tours, trips and adventures. Click on any to go to a page with more information and subsequent articles for that particular trip.



In April 2022, after two years of pandemic delay, I finally set off on what I thought would be a trip of a lifetime. However, I came to realise that this was far from a trip of a lifetime. Travelling western Europe for 109 days and into north Africa, where I spent a month in Morocco, was in fact very easy, very straightforward and not very expensive, all while being immensely rewarding. I loved this trip, Morocco left a great and deep impression on me. It is true that I feel a part of me is still there, in the dusty basins, the rocky orange gorges and the high pastures. I am plotting my return to this land of adventure, the frontier of my known world and into Africa. Yet for now you must be contented to read about my trip here.