Perhaps the best way to see the world is by motorcycling around it. It gives you the opportunity to set your own pace to explore the country and it’s culture while being capable of getting anywhere reasonably quick should you need to.

Within weeks of passing my motorcycle test I was touring Northern Spain alongside my father. To this day I am still riding and touring on the same bike I took on that first extended motorcycle trip. My XT225. In the following years I have completed a number of long distance motorcycle tours. My other hobbies, hiking and camping, fit perfectly with motorcycle travel, so much so, I rarely ride motorcycles just for the thrill of it. To me, they are more of a tool used to explore areas that I wish to travel through. Below you can find a number of my present and previous tours.

Touring Trips

It’s not a race to the end: Full time moto tour of Europe and beyond

After years of saving money, months of preparing my bike and weeks of gathering equipment, I found myself with only days to spare before I embarked on the journey of a life time. If I could only take one thing from this adventure, it would be to experience life’s full potential, a fleeting glimmer of what one’s life could be like while living with the ultimate freedom. With that, I left my job behind, packed my things, said my farewells and set off. With no finish date, no commitments and only the next country ahead, this would not be a race to the end. Read more here..

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