April 2022. After waiting out the pandemic, finishing my campervan and preparing my motorcycle and equipment, I found myself with only days to spare before I embarked on the journey of a life time. Or so I thought at the time. I would later realise that such a trip is not once in a lifetime, it is easy, simple and as flexible as you can imagine, as long as you have the will to seek after your imaginations.

If I could just take one thing from this adventure, it would be to experience life’s full potential, a fleeting glimmer of what one’s life could be like while living with the ultimate freedom. To live totally on my own terms in a reality that I had envisioned, created and finally experienced.  With that, I left my job behind, packed my things, said my farewells and set off. With no finish date, no commitments and only the next country ahead, this would not be a race to the end. Read about my first major overland trip below.


Its Not A Race To The End Motorcycle Adventure Travel Film






1 VAN - 1 BIKE





I hit the road on April 21st 2022 and returned back home 109 days later. Over those 3 and a half months I travelled through western Europe and spent 1 month in Morocco. I took my Yamaha XT600e in my freshly converted campervan, eating up 12,000 miles with no trouble. I slept at campsites and used my van as a base while I explored with my bike during the day. I’d do some sightseeing but mostly I just enjoyed the freedom of the open road.

My time in Morocco would be the absolute highlight of my entire trip. Nothing else came close to the immense feeling of a proper adventure that I experienced while exploring Morocco. I rode camels, met Berber tribesmen, got knocked down and rode through drug capitals. Each day was truly a new adventure. In the subsequent months of my return home, I often found myself looking back on this magnificent country and the experiences I had there. One day I will have to return to Morocco to spend a greater period of time there.