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Carburettor Ultrasonic Cleaning & Rebuild


6 Stage ultrasonic cleaning, rebuild and upgrade.

Please email me at contact@bikesandbackpacks.com to discuss your specific requirements before purchase.



Please email me at contact@bikesandbackpacks.com to discuss your specific requirements before purchase.

Is your Carburettor in need of some TLC? Perhaps it’s not performing as it should or not up to your standards for your motorbike’s restoration. Here at BikesAndBackpacks, I deal predominately with 30 year old Yamaha XT Carbs, 30 years of dirt, crime and corrosion takes it’s toll on anything, especially with something as delicate as the carburettor.

I offer a 6 step cleaning and rebuild process (detailed below) at my usual fair price from a fellow hobbyist/enthusiast who cares not about numbers, but about treating each piece personally and individually.

My 6 step process is as follows:

  1. Disassemble & Inspection.
    • Finding out what we are dealing with.
    • If I find any parts in need of replacement that are not included as standard, this is where we discuss how to proceed.
  2. Overnight Pre-soak.
  3. Ultra Sonic Cleaning – As many cycles as it takes.
  4. Carb spray & compressed air blow out.
    • (Removes any remaining freshly freed grime from within the deepest carb tunnels)
  5. Rebuild
    • Re-assemble the carb, upgrading all screws with Stainless allen bolts if opted for.
  6. Exterior polish & restoration
    • Polishing some exterior parts where required or desired.

Such is the nature of such things that there is an element of unknown when dealing with a component like this. Throughout the process I will keep you informed of anything unusual that I find, anything in need of TLC/replacement and we can discuss how to proceed. I take picture throughout the process.

You will be required to post the item to my address, I will provide tracked postage back free of charge. In the event that I find something during the inspection, and after discussion we decide not to proceed, I will refund the service purchase, minus the charge for the disassemble, inspection and reassemble, which is then used for the tracked postage return.

Stainless Allen Bolt Replacement

Yes, No

Exterior Polish

Yes, No

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