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[SOLD] Yamaha XT600 2KF Tank Panel (Right)

Yamaha XT600 2KF Right Tank Panel

This is a used Yamaha XT600 2KF Tank Panel made from Yamaha’s durable plastic. I purchased this as part of a job lot buy of badly painted items. These tank panels had been painted white very poorly. I stripped the paint from the panels in an effort to restore them. I then found that the previous owner had sanded the plastics to get the paint to stick. I spent a fair while myself trying to bring the panels back into a useable condition.

The condition of the XT600 2KF Tank Panel is fair. Perfect for anybody who is missing theirs. The surface is far from perfect, there are still some scratches here and there as pictured and the original finish is somewhat faded to matte. The back of the panels still contain a few smudges of paint here and there.

The other panel is also available.

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