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Yamaha XT600Z 3AJ Bodywork Kit

(Estimated availability of next set ~ NOT SURE 🙁 )

A complete set of rejuvenated Yamaha XT600Z 3AJ Bodywork Kit. This is a great opportunity to give your white 3AJ an amazing face lift and make over for a quick and hassle free restoration. Let me explain to you how this works. I collect broken, tired and well-used 3AJ pieces. Once I have them I begin a long process of carefully restoring each item. Eventually I have a complete set of repaired, restored and painted, body parts of the Tenere. This includes, Tank, Fairing, Side panels, tail piece and the mudguard. Additionally, bonus extra pieces are available such as fork guards, rally-plates, headlight grills, disc protectors and many other special pieces. Please continue reading below to see the full list of parts available.

To the person who decides that this kit is for them, you will also be able to purchase any of my decal kits at a discounted rate, or provide your own custom requirement and the decals will be applied or provided. Further options will be available for clear coating the decals and the rest of the body pieces. The best part of this opportunity is that I will buy back the pieces of your Tenere that you are replacing with these refurbished parts. Of course it will depend on the condition of your pieces as to what I can pay for them and I have to make some return on the hours spent restoring these items. For large orders I will personally deliver your parts to anywhere in the U.K and pick your parts up from you. Serious International customers may be considered.

Current Status:

As you can imagine, I do not have loads of these kits just hanging around, I produce these carefully over time. I am currently in the process of restoring the plastics side panels and the tank also needs professionally painting, which is of course, on hold due to COVID19. I envisage the next kit availability will be spring 2021, however I will be unavailable shortly after for an extended time as I will be travelling for “It’s not a race to the end

It is important that you realise that I cannot simply ship this out next day to you. I’d rather a prospective customer approach me and together we discuss your requirements, then allow me a number of weeks to implement, fabricate, paint and decorate your pieces to your specification.

The full kit available:

  • Tank
    • Freshly sealed with POR15 for many more years of service.
    • Rebuilt Taps & Cap provided.
  • Fairing
    • Rally lamp protector available!
    • New Touring or Original Screen available!
  • Side Panels
    • Rally Number Plates available.
    • New exhaust heat shielding.
  • Mudguard
    • Standard low guard.
    • UFO High mudguard alternative.
    • OEM Yamaha Vented High mudguard.
  • Tail Piece
  • Seat Covers available
    • Custom Text transfers. I.e Yamaha, Gauloises, Tenere etc.
  • Entire Seat available already recovered.
  • Plastic Fork Protectors/Guards with brackets.
  • Rear Master Cylinder Protector. Unique to Bikes & Backpacks.
  • New Fork Gaiters.
  • Front Disc guard.
  • Rally handguards with dual spoilers.

Of course you can pick and choose which items you want in this kit and the price will reflect what you choose and what you have available to exchange from your own bike. Please contact me to discuss. For a rough figure without even thinking about it, the basic kit, tank, fairing and side panels would cost upwards of £400. I base this price on the cost of used items then the time / costs involved in preparing each item. A used 3AJ fairing in the UK can easily cost £100. My fully restored one would be atleast £150 for instance. A used tank can be obtained for as little as £30 in the UK but the cost of POR 15 is a lot and it takes a lot of effort to fully restore a tank, hence the price of a tank would be north of £150.

Decal Kits:

As previously mentioned, when you purchase this kit, you will become eligible for a discounted decal kit. Here are some decal options you may consider:

XT600Z Tenere Chesterfield 3AJ

All of my decals are dispatched within 24 hours to ensure a quick delivery, furthermore, I offer free postage to the U.K, international orders may be subject to a small postage fee. My decals are posted securely within board-backed envelopes. To say thank-you to my customers, I offer multi order discounts for those who wish to purchase a range of decals and sample vinyl is available along with your order upon request, please get in touch. Finally, if you have a special requirement on size, colour or design then please contact me on Facebook or at contact@bikesandbackpacks.com and I would love to discuss your requirements with you.

Please see this page for instructions on installing your decal.


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