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Yamaha XT600Z Gauloises FZT Dakar Replica


This is an amazing pack replicating an iconic Yamaha FZT 750 raced by J.C.O in the Paris Dakar rally. This extensive pack contains around 40 individual decals to restore your Tenere in the rally look. Please find the full details below.

This Yamaha XT600Z Gauloises FZT Dakar Replica decal pack is an amazing pack replicating an iconic Yamaha 750 FZT which raced in the Paris-Dakar rally around 1986 by the famous J.C.O. This is a pack that I have been wanting to create for a long time. Although I love my Chesterfield build, I have always admired the blue and yellow combination! Finally, I decided to let you have the opportunity to customize your Tenere in the same look. This is an extensive pack so please read the following carefully. Furthermore, the full pack features an astounding amount of high quality decals, each one is carefully made by myself, I have produced this kit before and many hours of work goes into each kit. This is for serious restorations! Please read below for the full list of decals in this kit.

What You Get:

  • Tank & Fairing
    • Gauloises text decals (x2)
    • Blondes decals (x2)
    • Gauloises logo (x2)
    • Yellow Stripe (x2)
    • Blue Stripe (x2)
    • VSD logo (x2)
    • Yamaha Text (x2)
    • Motul Text (x2)
    • Total Text (x2)
  • Side Panels
    • Yellow Stripes (x2)
    • Blue Stripes (x2)
    • Rally Decal Plates (x2)
    • XTZ Sticker (x2)
    • Michelin Sticker (x2)
  • Tail Piece
    • Yellow Stripe (x2)
    • Blue Stripe (x2)
    • Michelin Text (x2)
    • Yamaha Text (x1)
  • Mudguard
    • Yellow & Blue Stripe (x1)
  • Forks
    • Black on Yellow Michelin Decals (x2)

Important Information:

A decal kit of this magnitude is an investment into a bike refurbishment, it means a lot to you as the owner. I know the stakes when it comes to installing large decals, that is why I would like to extend my after-sales care to you, should you have any issues during the installation.

This is why, should you accidentally install a decal incorrectly and it is not salvageable, contact me, send some pictures through of what went wrong (on the bike) and I will happily replace the troublesome decal at material and postage cost. When you contact me, I will ask you to provide images of the decal on the bike so I can help give you some tips and advice in order to enlighten you as to what went wrong, if you don’t know already, and then suggest that you continue with the rest of the decal installations, so that if you run into any more issues and more decals need replacing, you can save on one set of postage.

However, please allow a few days of preparation before I dispatch your order. As this is a large kit, I produce these made to order. I offer free postage to the U.K, international orders may be subject to a small postage fee, however this fee is waived for orders over £25. My decals are posted securely within board-backed envelopes. You will receive order confirmation by email and an email once the order has been completed. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find these emails.

To say thank-you to my customers, I offer multi order discounts for those who wish to purchase a range of decals and sample vinyl is available along with your order upon request, please get in touch. Finally, if you have a special requirement on size, colour or design then please contact me on Facebook or at contact@bikesandbackpacks.com and I would love to discuss your requirements with you.

Please see this page for instructions on installing your decal.


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