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Pennine Way 2020 : 1 – Let’s Hike The Pennine Way

2020 should of been my year, my best year. As thing's turned out, I ended up rescinding my notice for my job of four years and spent four months (and counting) of Covid19 lock down working from my bedroom in my parents home. Quite the change from touring Europe and beyond on my motorcycle...

how to make camping gas last longer

How To Make Camping Gas Last Longer

For those of you who have been wild camping, thru hiking or another such adventure where resources are precious, I'm sure that you will have thought about how to make camping gas last longer. It is a common question with many answers. Hopefully, this article will enlighten you with some nifty tips and tricks...

How much camping gas do i need

How Much Camping Gas Should I Take Hiking?

I've written this article to help you answer the question of, "How much camping gas do I need" for your camping trip or thru hike. I will also share some great tips on maximising your gas usage to stretch those canisters further in a subsequent article tagged to this. I am writing this article...

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