In the summer of 2019 myself, my Dad and his friend took our trail bikes, spent 25 hours in a van and camped in Switzerland for 2 weeks. We chose trail bikes as my Dad had often wondered over the years where an off-road track, high in the mountains, led to, after seeing the track when riding road bikes many years previous. He and myself took our XT225 Serows while Neil took his DR350 in amazing condition. This would be just my second overseas trip, having previously ridden in Northern Spain in 2017. When we arrived in Switzerland, we camped in Innertkirchen which lies at the bottom of Grimsel and Susten Passes, ideal for exploring the best parts of Switzerland.

The trip was really good and I can’t wait to return to do more motorcycling and even some hiking to get further into the mountains and closer to the glaciers.

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Before my Switzerland trip, myself and my Dad took our XT225 Serows 1100 miles to the Isle of Skye and back in 5.5 days. This was my first time touring the Scottish Borders and Scotland on the way up to Skye. The trip was a great success for the XT225s. We had no issues other than chain adjustments. The route we decided to take took us up through the Dales, into the Pennines, Northumberland and into the Borders. I really enjoyed the Scottish borders and have since returned. It is a quiet area of the country where one can have his own space to do his thing.

We camped all the way in various campsites: Westgate, North of Glasgow after becoming separated, south of Mallaig, across from the small ferry crossing south of the Skye bridge and finally in the Borders. We had reasonable weather, raining heavily just one day. In terms of wild-life, we saw an Otter fishing in the bay while we waited for the ferry back to the mainland from Skye. Watch the video to see how the journey transpired.


I used to ride the local lanes a lot on evenings after work. This schedule coincided with Phil’s, who I bumped into on the lanes one night. Subsequently, I’ve bumped into him on the lanes 3 times, whereas I have very rarely bumped into other motorcycle users on my local lanes. This video is from a a day spent riding a few lanes in the Peak District on New Years Eve I believe. It was a great day out.