From Trail Bike to Overland Machine

The humble Serow. The word comes from the name of a Japanese mountain goat which is a fitting name for this small, lightweight and agile trail bike. My Serow was a gifted to me so that I could accompany a group of my father’s friends on a road trip across northern Spain. This was my first taste of touring and seeing places while travelling on two wheels.

Since that initial tour I have under taken a number of short and long tours across Europe, see those here. Most notably the Serow is my bike of choice for my life on the road overland trip across Europe and beyond titled ‘It’s not a race to the end’. Follow that trip here.

On this page you shall find detailed information about how my Serow has changed over the years to become a suitable machine for long term overland adventures.

yamaha xt225 serow decals

Specifications and Modifications

My Serow started it’s life as a trail bike, It was being used as a farm bike in Wales and came largely in standard condition. We began to prepare the bike for touring, allowing us to explore trails further afield and on the continent. I changed the gearing back to standard, a great improvement in the feel of the bike at the cost of top end speed. My Dad, a welder by trade, produced a set of stainless pannier racks and a front rack. For a couple of years this was enough to allow me to complete a number of tours and thousands of miles.

As my ambitions to travel for an entire year grew, I had to further modify the bike. This included an engine rebuild, a 23 litre tank installation, a DIY top-box, water storage, tool storage and various rider comforts and aids. See full details below.


  • Model: 1KH.
  • Manufactured: 1989.
  • 225cc. 20hp.
  • Weight: 108kg dry.
  • 6 Speed Gearbox.
  • Kick & Electric Start.
  • 8.8 Litre Standard Tank.
  • 70 – 90 MPG

Use & Modifications

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