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Why Yamaha XT Decals ? Considering 5 of the 6 motorcycles I have owned belonged to the iconic Yamaha XT range I would think I class as an enthusiast. I'm no mechanic but I find pleasure in producing my own high quality decals and stickers for my restoration projects. To aid the XT community and keep these bikes looking fresh for years to come I've made my products available worldwide. Please find more information below or press the button to jump straight to my XT decals.

My Work

Yamaha XT600Z 3AJ – Chesterfield Rally

Quite probably my most well known bike build and definitely my largest decal kit consisting of well over 8 hours production time. This Tenere was also the first of my bikes to undergo a full restoration. This decal design was a replica of a replica, produced originally by Ingo Lochert who produced a number of these bikes which have since vanished into history, perhaps they will surface again one day. He took the colours of the 660 Yamaha’s in the Dakar Rally but the decal design actually matches the blue FZT Yamahas. My next big project will be a similar build in the blue colours. However, there is a lot of work to do before that is ready. My personal Chesterfield bike is number 97. Subsequently I have produced a duplicate decal set for No98 which went to a 3DS model in Switzerland. Recently No99 was produced and sent to Czech Republic. I hope to see them on the road soon!


Yamaha XT225 Serow Decals

When I started producing my own decals for the Bikes And Backpacks website, I only sold a small range of decals, all of them variations of this XT225 Serow Decal Set. Since then, In the years that have passed since those initial listings, I have expanded my sticker offering ten fold. However, for many months the Serow decals proved themselves to be best sellers, selling all around the world. I sent a number of sets around the United Kingdom, across the pond to Washington and my Serow stickers even found their way to Hawaii! Amazing. Simple designs, produced to a high quality while retaining their inexpensive price. I would like to further expand my Serow sticker range to more complex designs featuring multi-colours.

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